End of the 2020 QRT Challenge data

Dear challenge participants,

First, on behalf of QRT, we would like to thank you for participating in our 2020 data challenge.

We hope you enjoyed working on this (challenging) problem of stock return prediction, applying your knowledge and learning how to deal with this low signal / noise data.

As of today, there have been almost 200 teams , which is beyond what we were expecting, so again, thank you.

There has been a good relationship between public and private leaderboard, a sign that many of you created robust models which did not overfit.

We would like to give a special shout out to our 3 winners of this year :

1. realFrancoisPignon

2. Hyperpoint

3. JessyIMT & afrancoi

Congratulations to the three of you. You deserved your prize. Since we don’t have access to participants personal emails, if you recognize your name, please email us, so we can arrange prize distribution.

For everyone else, congratulations too ! There was a close fight at the top, with many participants breaking the 52% accuracy barrier on the private leaderboard.

Not being in the top 3 solutions for this challenge doesn’t mean that your solution is worthless, far from it. In quantitative finance, we are always looking for original ideas that may be uncorrelated to others. So even a solution that may not have the best accuracy could be of great interest if it is original .

If you think you worked on an original idea that wasn’t rewarded well enough by the leaderboard, or if you just want to have feedbacks on you work, you can contact us to discuss it.

Also, we are organizing a new challenge for 2021: “Reconstruction of Liquid Asset Performance” https://challengedata.ens.fr/participants/challenges/44/ on the same platform. If you want to tackle another problem in quantitative finance, this time with multiple output and a better signal / noise ratio, you know what you have to do !

The 2020 edition stay available on the platform, so you can still try new ideas.

Finally, if you are interested in a career in quantitative finance, don’t hesitate to apply for a position at QRT Careers. Don’t forget to mention that you participated in the challenge.

Best Regards,
QRT Team