QRT Data Challenge 2020

QRT Data Challenge

Welcome everyone to the forum of the first data challenge of Qube Research and Technologies (QRT) !

This forum aims to respond to all of your questions regarding the challenge, Qube RT and more. You can also communicate between participants, share some thoughts and talk about the data. Please, visit the QRT Challenge Data for detailed information about QRT and the challenge. You can also take a look at the slides of the challenge which were presented at the College de France the 22 of January.


Top three participants of the private leaderboard will be awarded:


A benchmark has been uploaded in the supplementary materials of the QRT Challenge Data page. It is in form of a notebook, where you can also take a look online here. We tried to make it as clear as possible for beginners. Some Ideas of improvement are given in the notebook. Also do not hesitate to ask for clarifications or if you have any questions about the benchmark.

More about QRT

If you plan to apply for a Qube RT positions (on the QRT website), having an interesting/good solution can be a great way to start a discussion :wink: .