QRT Data Challenge 2022

QRT Data Challenge 2022

Welcome to the forum for the 2022 Qube Research & Technologies (QRT) data challenge!

On this forum we will answer your questions regarding the challenge, QRT and more. Participants are also encouraged to exchange and share thoughts and tricks! Please, visit the QRT Challenge Data website for detailed information about the challenge.


After all enthusiasm and hard work in the previous editions, we decided to crank the rewards up one notch for the 2022 Challenge. The winner will pick the non-profit (among a list of organizations promoting sciences and education) which will receive a €7500 donation from QRT.

In addition to some very special QRT trophy, the top three participants of the private leaderboard will be awarded:


A benchmark has been uploaded in the supplementary materials of the QRT Challenge Data page. We tried to make it as clear as possible for beginners. Also, do not hesitate to ask for clarifications or if you have any question about the benchmark. Feel free to create a topic in the forum !

More about QRT

If you plan to apply for a position at QRT (on the QRT website), presenting an interesting solution can be a great way to start a discussion!